How to identify obesity in cats

How to identify obesity in cats

I have a kitten at home, he is 3 months old, like most, my population is a purebred nobleman and at his 3 months the kitten weighs one and a half kilograms and does not look fat. I decided to find out a lot or a little. I have collected a lot of information on this issue, which I want to share with you.

Naturally, cats, like any other animal, can experience problems with being overweight. Obesity can be caused by metabolic problems or overfeeding, which occurs in apartments, they lead an extremely measured lifestyle, and almost do not spend energy on movement, many owners do not even play with them, which is why they very often suffer from obesity.

Excess fat has an extremely negative effect on the overall health of your pet. These cats are usually prone to cardiovascular disease, arthritis and many other diseases. Obese cats (too much of a normal overweight) find it difficult to move and even have shortness of breath. Pet owners should definitely monitor the weight of the cat, and if you maintain the correct weight, this will increase the life of your pet.

Ideal weight for every pet and breed. After reading a lot of articles, I realized that the breed of cats is the main parameter on which its ideal weight depends. The weight of large-breed cats, for example Maine Coons, can easily exceed 8 kilograms and the cat will not have signs of obesity, and small-breed cats may have signs of obesity even at three kilograms. The weight of cats and cats also differ, but the cardinality of the differences depends on the breed. Sterilized cats need fewer calories to maintain their weight, usually by about a third, while the rate of weight does not depend on sterilization. Also, weight gain after sterilization is not natural – it is not natural.

How to identify obesity in a pet:

  • The size of the abdomen is significantly increased
  • When palpating, there is a significant fat layer on the chest

A small layer of fat is fine and should be palpable, but you should be able to palpate the ribs easily if that’s not the case. An obese cat is immediately visible – a big belly, moves with difficulty, cannot completely lick itself.

Obesity patients must definitely help get rid of excess weight, but it is imperative to know that it is impossible to abruptly get rid of weight, it can lead to negative consequences, the process of losing weight must be gradual. Also, be sure to check with your veterinarian for diet planning.

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