No more “bad dog”

No more “bad dog”

Eliminating your dog’s bad habits.

Before blaming your dog, think about the way you exercise and interact. Teaching your pet to good manners begins with training. Many commonly used seemingly sensible dog training strategies are not very effective.

Let’s look at some mistakes in dog training …

Mistake: calling a dog by shouting out its name.

use this word just to summon your dog for things he doesn’t like, such as going back when playing time ends. Washari, if she often gets something good when she does it, such as praise or food.

Mistake: Suspension when your dog pulls on the leash or allows yourself to stretch with it. This teaches the dog that tension on a taut leash is normal and acceptable.

To remedy this when you walk the dog, carry around dog treats and a clicker — a small device available at pet stores that makes a slit sound and the dog walks next to you on a leash like it should, even if it’s just a few steps and then quickly reward your dog with a treat. The clicking sound marks good behavior in the mind of the dog, and the treat is a powerful reward for a job well done.

When your dog is pulling on the leash, stop and do not move until the dog turns around to see what happened, or just stops in its path. Continue this process until your dog is annoyed by frequent clicking and treats. Due to the many distractions outdoors, you may have to use the clicker and treats for several weeks before you can start weaning.

Mistake: Chasing a dog that has grabbed something that it shouldn’t be taking something that it shouldn’t have in its mouth increases the likelihood that the dog will again engage in this misconduct. Dogs love to play in the oz

Better to squat down to the level of the dog and call the dog to you. When the dog approaches, place the treat in front of your dog’s nose and say drop or phew. Reward your dog with a treat when he drops the grabbed item.

Similar: if your dog runs away from you, do not chase him – you are unlikely to catch up with him. Your dog can probably outrun you and will probably enjoy the chase. Instead, get the dog’s attention and then run away from it. This can cause the dog to change its game from running away from you to chasing you, making it easier to calmly control your dog when it catches up with you.

Mistake: Paying attention to the jumping dog. Dogs that bounce and put their front paws on. jump until their owners give them attention, even if the attention they receive is just hearing their owners yell at them.

Better: Step away from the jumping dog without looking into its eyes or speaking.

Later, when the dog has calmed down, start teaching him the sit command. Many dogs are oblivious to verbal commands when aroused, but most do notice body language.

Mistake: Letting your dog use old gym shoes. If you let your dog chew on an old flip flop or towel, don’t blame your dog when he chews on your new slippers or towels. Dogs usually can’t tell the difference.

Better: Never let your dog chew anything that could be mistaken for not wanting him to chew. Limit your dog to dog-made foods, including toys and bones.

Using the above techniques, you will be able to do the training of chips

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