Why do cats bite?

Why do cats bite?

Many owners are interested in the question why their cat or cat bite . Constantly the legs and arms are exposed to an unexpected “bite”. There can be many reasons for this!

If your pet is still small for him less than six months, then his attempts to bite are just a game, but these attempts must be stopped, otherwise later your legs and arms will suffer every day. If the cat is hiding and jumping out of an ambush at you, then this is due to boredom. Keep your cat busy: buy him a couple of toys and start giving him more attention. Your purr is not a part of the interior, but a member of your family who needs your attention, affection and care. If earlier the purr was always affectionate and not aggressive, and suddenly when you try to touch him he bites and hisses you, then in this case it is advisable to take the pet to the veterinarian, perhaps he got sick and the aggression is associated with pain.

Sometimes a pet’s aggression is associated with the fact that he is stressed or afraid of something, in this case, you are required to calm the cat. Stress can be caused by frequent travel or other pets or other factors. And so what to do with a biting purr? Before you do anything, you first need to understand the root causes of the cat’s aggression.

If you still have a baby, do not let him play with your hands or feet, do not let the guests play with his hands. Do not forgive when the baby throws itself on your hands or feet. Such re-education will help, and soon your little purr will stop playing with your hands or feet. The cat has such a craving for a reason, most likely his gums are itching, for this he needs to buy rubber toys to keep him busy and so that he can scratch his gums about them himself. If you think that the cat bites because something hurts him, then do not expect it, but take it to the veterinarian right away. If you have an adult pet, that is, there are ways to reeducate, there may be several ways, here are some of them:

It’s a spray bottle! Cats are afraid of these terrible pshikalok like fire! As soon as the cat runs at you with burning eyes, immediately launch a terrible weapon into battle! This method has one drawback, it is necessary to carry a spray bottle with you almost always, but always better. The second way is to throw something at the cat. For example, a towel or rag of sufficient size. Cats do not like when something pounces on them – it is dark and scary, as well as an enclosed space. There is one more way – this method is rather psychological, and is not suitable for everyone. As soon as the “hunter” wants to take up the old, it is necessary to say in a firm voice (but without raising the tone) “CAN’T” and go to another room. This will have to be said constantly until the cat understands.

But all these methods will help if your pet is not initially aggressive, but simply bites, not out of malice. And if your tailed friend is stubborn and does not respond to the spray bottle, then you will have to act in a different way. In this case, you will have to scare your cat. Arm yourself with a jar of small change, some cats are afraid of shuffling packages, in general, you, as the owner, know what your cat is afraid of. As soon as your home riki-tiki-tavi pounces on your body parts, then use your psychological weapon, cats are afraid of harsh sounds and immediately stop biting you and hide in his shelter.

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